Our history

LLC "Hermes-O" is the leading company in Ukraine in the sale of compound feed and its components

The family farm of our investor's parents 1826
The family farm of our investor's parents 1826

Today Hermes-O

We pay great attention to each client and try to build real partnerships. That is why our clients include the largest Ukrainian and foreign producers of meat, milk, eggs, as well as large traders.

How it all began

Love for our land entered our blood from parents and parents of parents. Our grandfathers and badushkas worked on the earth, ran their own household. For many of us, grazing cows and mowing hay are not just verbs. Grandfather's hard, calloused hands will tell us more than any textbook.

The generous gifts of the land of Ukraine must reach consumers. Fodder for farms, livestock products on the table of a compatriot. We change the life of our compatriots, we make it happier.

A large hardworking family hosted
A large hardworking family hosted
Blending tradition with fresh influences and homey atmosphere
Blending tradition with fresh influences and homey atmosphere

Our mission

We only trust suppliers who supply fresh and organic products.

Andrii Diachok, Founder

Our philosophy

We take a holistic crop-to-table approach


An approach in which the emphasis is on the whole personality, and not on its constituent parts, when any subject or any thing is something more than a simple collection of mechanically assembled parts.


Entrepreneurs not only feed the country, but also promote Ukraine in the international arena

High quality

Quality raw materials, high-tech processing, better logistics

LLC "HERMES-O" an independent company

The main activity is wholesale and small-scale wholesale trade in sunflower meal and cake, wheat, corn, peas, oil, ready-made feed, as well as lubricants for agricultural machinery, production and vehicles.

Our team of experienced professionals will always clearly and harmoniously solve all the necessary tasks to achieve the set goals, provide high-quality and prompt advice on the choice of products and organize their delivery.

Our company works with many oil extraction plants in different parts of our country on a tolling scheme, as a result, we can offer our client the best price, the logistics department will deliver the necessary products to the place as soon as possible.

Kind Regards, Andrii Diachok HERMES-O

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