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Brewer's grains have found application in agriculture, it is the residue left after the production of beer, it consists of grain residues, barley shells and is rich in fat and saturated proteins.

Beer grain has recently occupied an important place in the livestock industry. It is added to feed for animals and poultry, fresh or dry. It is most commonly added to the diets of cattle and poultry.

Beer grain contains a large amount of important trace elements such as:

  • copper
  • phosphorus
  • magnesium
  • iron
  • calcium

Also brewer's grains contain vitamins of group B and E.

Beer grain is a high quality product at an affordable price. The domestic manufacturer guarantees compliance with modern safety standards and the highest standards. The protein content reaches 25-35%.

Brewer grains are used in the production of protein concentrates containing up to 60% pure protein. They are used in the diets of farm animals. Fresh grains contain up to 4% of digestible protein, and dried up to 35%. Fresh brewer's grains are most often used in mixtures with other feeds for cows, oxen and pigs, and dry ones are added to mixed feeds for cows, fattening cattle, workhorses, and fish.

We sell dried brewer's grains, this form of brewing grain release allows you to extend the shelf life of the product up to one year or more.

Choosing brewer grains to add to animal feeding rations you:

  • provide animals and poultry with essential trace elements and vitamins
  • get an effective increase in live weight
  • increase productivity
  • increase resistance to diseases and infections
  • increase milk yield
  • increase the profitability of milk, egg and meat production


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