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Fatty acids are one of the most well-known and sought-after by-products of refining vegetable oils, in particular sunflower oil. The raw material for their production is soapstock, which is obtained in the process of refining crude oils and fuses obtained during oil production.

Fatty acids of light vegetable oils and salomas are used for feed and technical purposes and are an industrial product and are used for further processing. It is a complex mixture of organic acids, including linoleic, oleic and others, which are natural components of sunflower oil.

Fatty acids are used as feed additives in the production of feed for animals and poultry, as well as in the production of detergents, lubricants, drying oils, biodiesel. For livestock, the introduction of fatty acids or mixtures with their addition to the diet of animals can significantly reduce the cost of feed. In addition, they are used in the food industry as a direct ingredient in recipes, as well as in soap making and the production of glycerin and stearin.

The method used to release fatty acids from soapstocks is to break it down with sulfuric acid, followed by distillation. According to the rules of the GMP + system, for each batch of fatty acids the corresponding analysis of samples is performed in an independent European laboratory.

The sale and export of quality sunflower fatty acids is carried out in full compliance with all safety rules.

Fatty acids are transported in specially prepared containers and road and rail tanks.

Main quality indicators:

  •  color: from light to dark brown
  • acid number, mg KOH / g - not more than 135
  • mass fraction of total fat,% - not less than 96
  • mass fraction of moisture and volatile substances,% - not more than 4.0
  • mass fraction of unsaponifiable matter,% - not more than 4.0


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