Sunflower crude lecithin

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Sunflower crude lecithin (Phosphatide concentrates) are a by-product of hydration of vegetable oils, in particular sunflower and soybean. It is a thick liquid substance consisting of a number of valuable phosphorus-containing lipid compounds (lecithin, etc.) and primary vegetable oil. Phosphatide concentrates are an industrial product and need further processing. The high quality of our phosphatide concentrate will make your product ideal

This product is used in the food industry, in the production of animal and poultry feed, for technical purposes. They are used mainly for the production of food lecithin in the confectionery and bakery industries, as well as for the production of compound feeds and feed additives in animal husbandry.

Lecithin is widely used in the food and perfume and cosmetics industries. In the manufacture of drugs it is used as a hydrophilic emulsifier, which gives stable emulsions for internal use.

The introduction of phosphatide concentrate in chocolate products increases their homogeneity and saves 0.13-0.5% of cocoa butter.

LLC "GERMES-O" on a regular basis offers for sale, including for export, high-quality food sunflower phosphatide concentrate

Shipment is carried out by filling specially prepared automobile tanks or flexible tanks ("flexi-tanks") inside metal containers (20 ') with preheating.

Main quality indicators:

  • color number, (Gardner) - 11-13;
  • mass fraction of moisture and volatile substances,% - not more than 1;
  • mass fraction of phosphatides,% - not less than 60;
  • mass fraction of oil,% - not more than 40;
  • acid number of oil extracted from the concentrate, mg KOH / g - not more than 10


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