Sunflower meal

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It is a valuable high-protein feed product, which contains free amino acids, methionine, vitamins E and B, fiber, complete proteins, potassium, phosphorus and other minerals. Almost all feed for cattle, poultry and pigs contain sunflower meal, mainly as a source of proteins, the quality of which is much higher than that of grain and cereals. This valuable feed has a beneficial effect on the development and growth of young cattle, which is manifested in an increase in live weight, average daily gain, strengthening the immune system and reducing mortality.

Sunflower meal is a crushed, fat-free sunflower seeds. It is produced by chemical extraction of oil residues from sunflower oil cake, that is, using chemical solvents. Hexane is used as a solvent. Sunflower cake is mixed with hexane, hexane is mixed with oil residues in the cake, a liquid mixture of sunflower oil and hexane is separated from the solid fraction. The solid fraction is sunflower meal.

Toasted loose sunflower meal is a high-protein feed product from sunflower that can also be granulated at your request.


  • Raw Material: Sunflower
  • Fraction: loose
  • Protein on DIA: not less 39 %
  • Fiber on DIA: no more 23%
  • Fat on DIA: no more 1.5%
  • Mass fraction of moisture: no more 11%


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