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On the territory of Ukraine wheat appeared in culture in 4-3 millennium BC. is.; in the VI century. BC and later wheat was an important export from southern Ukraine to Greece and Rome.
Wheat is one of the most important and valuable cereals grown in Ukraine.

Wheat is used on farms, according to statistics, it is used for fattening poultry and cattle in 80% of modern farms and added to various combined, canned versions of mixtures intended for livestock. Such grain is often the basis for the diet in most farms that have large yards with poultry, pigs and cattle.

Fodder wheat is very useful. It contains important trace elements and vitamins. If all the work on the purchase or procurement of feed grain was carried out on time, the animals receive a full meal throughout the year, including the winter months, which they spend in pens - poultry houses, piggeries or cowsheds. They continue to gain weight, and are not exposed to any serious seasonal diseases caused by decreased overall immunity and beriberi.

Purchase of fodder grain is carried out with the advent of a new harvest. Today there is a large selection of this type of feed. No less useful for different animals is feed from wheat grains. It is popular because it has a high energy value, which means less feed is needed to provide a large livestock. In terms of its nutritional value, this fodder product can yield to the palm of the championship, except for corn - it has no rivals in this competition. Wheat is most often used in farms to obtain compound feeds.

Today, wheat remains an indispensable source of various nutrients, thanks to which cattle and poultry are fattened in an optimal way. Fodder wheat is the best solution for most large and small farms that have a large number of birds, pigs and ruminants.



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